rare chest


Welcome to rare chest, my NFT shop built on Radix DLT. I go by korone_stan and am an active participant in the Radix ecosystem, mostly known for creating the Abandoned Scorpions project which catalyzed the Radix NFT scene as it exists today.

I’ve received a lot of requests since then for two things primarily: a marketplace for trading scorpions, and recommendations on which NFT projects on Radix to invest in. I’m hesitant to recommend one project over another—I don’t want to be an influencer. But I do have my own tastes and I want to help artists I love to succeed.

As such, the idea came to me to start a website that could provide pre-Babylon trading infrastructure for my existing projects as well as be a publishing platform for new projects by artists I choose to work with.

rare chest’s mission is not to be the top Radix NFT marketplace but rather to be a sort of specialty shop. I will be highly selective in curating the projects I choose to list. I hope that people love the art that is presented here as much as I do.



As of September 2022, rare chest is in beta. Radix DLT will not have smart contracts until the Babylon update (Q2 2023). Until that time, the items traded on rare chest take the form of reservations: they are tokens which can be converted to the NFTs once they are released on Babylon. Because they are simple tokens, the record of which token represents which NFT is recorded on-ledger through the messages formed by the Transaction Builder, and stored in the site's centralized database.

In short, these are not real non-fungible tokens until 2023, but if you have been involved in Radix for any period of time you know this is standard while we wait. The process for conversion from reservation to true NFT on Babylon has not been formulated yet, but it will be the responsibility of the reservation holder to claim the NFTs within 90 days of launch. rare chest is not responsible for maintaining reservations past that date and the NFT may be redistributed or resold.

Buying and trading cryptocurrency and NFTs is financially risky, and neither rare chest nor I (korone_stan) assume any responsibility for losses incurred while trading on rare chest. By using rare chest you agree to this policy and accept the risk. The art and items listed here are being offered solely for their aesthetic qualities and are not investment products.

There is also a risk of software errors, security breaches, or the like that may result in loss of funds. There is also the risk of user error, such as incorrectly submitting a transaction. By trading on rare chest, you accept this risk as well.